A Grant and Some Babble!!

by Megan on February 11, 2013

I’m thrilled to share that I’ve received a seed grant from the amazing Pollination Project to create my first Giraffe Revolution e-courses!  I’m hard at work designing the courses to be simple, accessible and fun for busy women to take a week and experience plant-based eating & heart-based living in an enjoyable and low-pressure way.

Also thrilling is that Disney’s Babble featured an article on the Pollination Project grants, and I was one of the grantees they chose to highlight!  Babble is read by lots of moms, and being a mom myself, I think my work is naturally targeted to women like me, who are trying to create a kinder, healthier world for my kids, both inside my home and outside of it.  So, Babble Moms, welcome!  And all other Giraffe Revolutionaries are welcome, too.

For me, changing the world begins one person at a time — I just happen to know firsthand the unlimited power of women, and moms, to make that change when they are motivated by the immense drive to keep our children healthy and make a difference on this planet they are inheriting.  Let’s do this!

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